Natalie Thiel


About Natalie Thiel, M.A.

As a PhD Student in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness at CIIS, I am interested in the role that narrative and storytelling has played in the formation of modern selfhood, and the role it continues to play in the ever-evolving and pluralistic contemporary worldview of the modern West. My focus on these topics is enveloped in questions of metaphysics and ethics. What can our history as storytelling creatures illuminate about the core philosophical questions of being, of the nature of reality, of divinity and of our responsibility to human and other-than-human beings? My inquiry stands alongside thinkers in process philosophy, shifting from questions of being towards a process of becoming. Not only am I interested in a genealogy of myth and narrative through history and the stories we have come to write, but how stories write us in return. In my research I explore the permeable boundary between “fiction” and “real,” and the artificial and natural, as the dissolution of these dichotomies run parallel to that of the bifurcation of nature and culture for the sake of our global future. In the very broadest sense my ongoing inquiry is in how imaginary worlds can change the “real” world, perhaps best by blurring this distinction altogether.

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